Responsive Website Design

This is where Midnight Monkey truly shines, our passion, creativity, cutting edge designs and implementation of seamless UI/UX designs make us the perfect resource for your next website build. Whether you have an existing website or looking for a brand-new design our fully responsive designs will put your brand in reach of your potential clients.

Using Googles best practices coupled with our Google certification we ensure at the core of all our designs are effective SEO implementation as well as full optimisation, not to mention our integration of tracking technologies such as Google Analytics so we can constantly monitor and improve.

We firmly believe that each business is unique with its unique requirements and as such we truly craft our website builds around them. We ensure your users have a pleasant interaction which ultimately results in higher conversion rates whilst maintain and exceeding your brand exposure.

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Benefits of a Midnight Monkey crafted Design

  • Fully responsive designs
  • UI/UX focussed designs
  • Fundamental SEO implementation
  • Google's Best Practices Utilised
  • Industry leading design techniques
  • Keep Track of Your Business in Real Time
  • Various Tracking tools

Some Recent Builds

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