Video Production

Ditch the Sales Pitch for Video Production

Having an excellent product video that outlines the unique benefits of your product, wanting to advertise your business or give clients an overview? Video Production will help transition and convert those browsers into potential new buyers.

It’s Visual– people tend to look for a visual experience when surfing the web and video has an inherent appeal to audiences. Most of us would prefer to ‘see’ something before we are forced to ‘read’ something. While we tend to skim through any large blocks of written material, we will almost certainly take the time to watch a professionally produced video presentation.
It’s Sticky– Video can help make your website ‘sticky’. Not unlike when a prospective customer walks into your place of business, your goal should be to keep them on your website for as long as possible learning about your services in order to increase the chance of making a sale.
It’s Emotional– A video demonstrating how a product works along with customer testimonials would provide solid evidence that the product can indeed solve a particular problem. It sets off emotional triggers that static text cannot, ultimately influencing buying decisions.
It’s On Demand– Unlike a traditional sales pitch, a video can be experienced “on-demand”. Anyone interested can view it anytime he/she wants simply by visiting your website.
It’s Versatile– A video which has been produced for your website can be repurposed elsewhere. Research has shown that Video could increase conversion rates anything around 30-40% .

Our Video packages start at only R900 unbelievable right?

What types of video we do

  • Training videos
  • Animated videos
  • Product showcase videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Business overview videos
  • Company Launch videos
  • Social Media Banners & Advertisements
  • Company Introductions
  • Adword Videos and much more

A prime example of what we can do for you

Want your own video for your company, product or new promotion?

Let us create an engaging and memorizing video for you