Hologram Advertising

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3D holographic projection now takes the customer on a journey into the future, allowing you to display Video in 3D viewing as opposed to the conventional 2D format. We take care of everything from hardware to initial design consultancy, producing your animation and supplying and setting up the hologram display hardware for you. The Technology in itself is interactive, digital and entertaining, creating a lasting brand impression.

A large array of media formats are used to capture and entice consumers to learn more about your brand and to eventually lead to a purchase decision.  What better way than through an interactive 3D Hologram? This state-of-the-art technology is the next big digital leap and companies across the globe are starting to integrate it into their marketing campaigns. Hologram advertising achieves numerous advertising and marketing goals and is an excellent tool, your company can take advantage of this. Our offices are local and we guide you whilst ensuring customer service excellence leads the way.

Enquire with our consultants now! Rental options available from R299 or visit our little monkey sister company that specialises in everything Hologram, and don’t forget we can assist you with content creation!

So why Hologram advertising?

We are delighted you ask. Where would any company be without advertising? And with the improvements in technology , it is only natural that developments and advancements in advertising should continue. The question then remains what is the latest technological improvements and how can they be utilised and benefit my company? Hologram advertising is the 3D representation of your brand or product. We create and display a floating projection of whatever you want, which is displayed in free-air. By converting 2D images to a 3D simulation, without the need of 3D glasses, you can capture and engage customers and clients like never before.

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